8 Ways to Battle A Cold

Hey lovelies, so it’s that time of your year–the cold and flu are constantly cycling around. Everyone in my house, besides me for not at least, are all pretty damn sick. So I thought i’d make a quick post on things Syd and I do to help fight and shorten a cold when we get them. 

Keep in mind that sometimes it’s more than a simple common cold. It could be a bad flu or pneumonia like both our grandmother and mother have right now. If you think you need to see your doctor, just do it. Please. Even if it’s a common cold and you don’t need some kind of antibiotic, they can offer some other remedies and solutions and you can go back home and relax. Be safe instead of sorry.

SLEEP: Whether you are sick or not, resting is good for you. We all need 8-10 hours every night. Adding in a short 15-30 minute nap during the day to help recharge yourself is wise as well. Make sure to add an extra pillow or two. It’ll help ease sinus pressure making it easier to breathe while you sleep. It could help lessen cough attacks as well. 

FLUIDS: Yet another thing to do whether you are sick of not. Once I feel a cold coming on, I start drinking warm water and teas. You can go for cold stuff–Popsicle and ice cream–just make sure you have something a little warm, not ice-y cold after to calm your throat down more. The heat helps sooth and reduce swelling. 

Lemon, ginger, and honey are fantastic things to add to tea to help your sore throat, cough, and stuffy nose. Adding in garlic, turmeric and/or apple cider vinegar too.
♥Sage tea. Syd and I have not tried this one, but the next time I’m in the store I will look out for it.
♥Don’t forget to do salt water gargles a few times a day. Adding in turmeric will made it even better. The recipe I use it: 1 tsp of salt and 1/2 tsp of turmeric mixed in with a cup or so of water.


HEAT & CITRUS: Along with turmeric and cinnamon, you should add hot sauce to your lunch and/or dinner. Spicy foods are great natural decongestants. You should also eat grapefruits, lemons, oranges to get in more Vitamin C and nutrients. 

STEAM: To relieve a stuffy nose and a congested chest, take hot baths and showers. Make sure you keep any vents on in your bathroom off and place a towel at the bottom of the door to trap as much steam and heat as possible. If you have any eucalyptus oil, you can add a few drops to both ends of the tub too.
We don’t have a humidifier but I wish I did. It’s a great thing to have in your room when you’re sick.

CHICKEN SOUP: I’m kind of a weirdo when it comes to soup. I don’t normally eat it unless it’s tomato basil but chicken noodle soup is proven to help reduce mucus in your nasal passages and help your cold. My mom constantly makes her own homemade chicken noodle soup so it’s always available whenever anyone in the house is sick. Our older sister (she’s 28 and lives at home with us too) pretty much only eats that soup when she’s sick.


OTC Cough & Cold Medications: I actually don’t take any medications besides some Aleve or Ibuprofen when I’m sick. Whereas Sydney has bags and bags of cough drops and sometimes take medicines like Dayquil. Take whatever you want, no meds or three different types. Just make sure to read all labels and instructions and never take more than recommended and directed, no matter how sick you feel.

BLOW YOUR NOSE: All you want to do when your nose is stuffed up, besides rip it off your face, is blow and blow. I try not to do it too much but when I do I try to only do it this way: Press one finger over one nostril and gently blow to clear the other side

NO ALCOHOL & LIMIT DAIRY: Guys, as much as you’ll want some, don’t give in. Alcohol with dehydrate you and irritate your throat. Just hold off and after your cold is gone, go ahead and take a drink. And though it’s not proven dairy can worsen a cold, I limit my intake anyways. Though I’m temped to try  turmeric milk when I get sick.

If anyone of you are reading this while sick, I hope you feel better and send extra love. Comment and let me know how you deal and survive a cold or flu. I’d love more tips or to see if anything I list works wonders for you too. 
–xoxo Chelsea

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  1. two things. I really love the layout of your blog and this is a super helpful blog post!! ❤


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    1. thank you so much. We really appreciate that.and Girl, your blog is so pretty!!!! Just followed.

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  2. Nice one!
    When I have a cold, I do straight vitamin c doping. 🙂 Lots of fruit and vegetables, and I drink 1 litre of orange juice every day. 🙂

    I also confess to being a constant nose-blower. But I keep the skin soft and supple with the help of a lip balm. Yes, I have a separare lip balm for my nose! It really prevents redness and flaking if I use it all the time.

    I hope everyone in your house will get well soon.


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