20 Stress Reducing Ideas

Hey lovelies, we all get stressed from time to time, whether it’s because of work or home life issues, school or friends. Sometimes it doesn’t have to take a lot for the stress to built and suffocate you. I get very stressed, very easily and don’t do well under pressure and while stressed. So here are some self-care ideas for you to try out whenever stress hits. Trying them sooner is of course better!

1. Exercise/ do a bit of stretching to try to release tension and nerves.
2. If that doesn’t work (or even if it does) go for a massage.
3. Take a walk at a park to enjoy nature and get some alone time. Take some pictures too.
4. Take a warm bubble bath. Try it with DIY bath salts or bath bombs. Light some candles too–lavender helps to relax you.
5. Have one of your favorite snacks–chocolate, ice cream, whatever. Indulge a bit. 
6. Cook your favorite meal or try out a new recipe.
7. Meet up with a friend or spend time with a close relative.
8. Watch your favorite movie or some episodes from a favorite TV series. Netflix is the best. Don’t forget the popcorn and a cozy blanket.
9. If you have any animals, play with them. Take them on a walk. Go to a pet store or volunteer at a animal shelter.
10. Draw or write. Just mess around and see what you can create on paper or on the computer.
11. Put on some music and dance around.
12. Snuggle up with a favorite or new book. Or two of them. 
13. Clean up your room or the whole house. And don’t forget about your car.
14. Plan out tomorrow as best as you can so you’re prepared and not stressed for what is to come.
15. Take a nap. Make sure you don’t sleep longer than 30 mins or so, then it isn’t a nap and you’ll be extra tired and worn out.
16. Get your nails and/or hair done. Always good to treat yourself.
17. Take yourself out and enjoy a dinner by yourself. Wonder a museum or the mall.
18. Drink some tea and enjoy the warmth and just hydrate yourself. 
19. Gather up any junk piling up to sell or donate to give yourself more room and a more organized and neat environment. 
20. Write down some things that are going well and that you are thankful. Keep in mind the good that is going on, the good that will come to be. Positive over negative.

xoxo, Chelsea

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