15 Self-Care Things To Do Right Now.

Hey lovelies, here’s a short list post on 15 things you can do right now for self-improvement and self-care.


1. Drink more water.

2. Get more fruits, veggies, and protein in your diet.

3. Stick to a sleep schedule–Go to sleep and wake up at the same time.

4. Exercise.

5. Get some alone time.–To have fun by yourself or reflect on things.

6. Get creative.


7. Smile at others and your reflection in the mirror.

8. Find the kid in you and have some fun.

9. Plan out your day the night before–Just picking out your outfit does wonders.

10. Go easy on yourself.

11. Make goals for yourself–in life, at work, etc.

12. Journal—write down your feelings, how your day went, and any plans/ideas you have.

13. Read more.

14. Take breaks from social media.

15. Ask for help when you need it.

Always take care of yourself, lovelies. We’re here if you need to vent, okay?
Hugs and Kisses, Chelsea.

P.S., Let us know what you like to do for self-care and to de-stress!

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