Finding Motivation & Being Productive.

Hey guys, I know we all have issues finding motivation and holding it hostage so it can’t run off. Then there’s being productive. That can be twice as hard. One of my best ways to keep up with both and feel better mentally and physically is to write out 2 lists every day.

The first consists of what I want to get done that day or that week–a simple to do list. I try to just stick to that day or a couple–but it’s never a bad idea to write out stuff you want to accomplish in the future as well. Whether I have two or twenty thing to do, I write them out. I have to see them. Having them written on paper, in pen sometimes helps hold me more accountable for the chores and things I want to do. 

On the second piece of paper I quickly explain why I want these things done. And possible ways to get them done as efficiently as possible. Keeping in mind why I need to do this or that just makes it stick in my brain more, makes it harder to shake away. Then my body should be able to move and put those words into action. I also constantly tell myself that I can do it. And if I need to, I take it slow. No point in rushing if it’ll wear me out and stop you dead in your tracks. Sometimes, better late than you or someone else wants is better than never. Truly, truly is.

I stumbled upon this map a week or so ago. It has some very good points and advice. If i keep up with my lists, get a healthy breakfast, have water with me, take breaks to breathe, and ignore my phone/ the internet, I can get loads done. I have more motivation, a better mindset to get it done. 

It’s important to not let yourself get derailed. If you do, make sure you’re able to snap back quickly. Instagram, your blog, FaceBook, Tumblr–they’ll all be there when you’re done. Prioritize and let your mind take a rest from social media. Time is money. It’s true even if it really isn’t so. You may not be getting paid for whatever you’re doing. Act like it, like the map says. 

And remember, none of us can be perfect. We can do all the things on our lists, but they can’t and won’t always be done perfectly and flawlessly. That’s absolutely okay! Just remember: you were strong enough to do them. And there lies the biggest thing: you did them. They’re done! Voila, guys. (:

Sydney and I would love to hear how you find motivation and how you’re able to stay productive especially if you’re fighting with any kind of mental illnesses like I am. I could use more tips as well.
-Chelsea. xoxo

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