10 Money Saving Tips!

Sydney and I have a part time job that gives us a decent pay, above minimum wage, but doesn’t offer many hours. (Yes, we should get another job–that’s a story for another post). Our low paychecks come every two weeks. We pay our own phone bills, grocery bills, pet insurance and food,  we buy our own clothes, hygiene and makeup products. Sydney also pays half of her car insurance to our mother and I give our mother some rent money. 

All these expenses leave us with very little left if we even have the money to buy what we need and want to begin with. So, here are tips we’ve been trying out and our about to in order to help save money:

1.) Save Every 5 Dollar Bill.
I’ve found this difficult to do when I use a debit card 80-90% of the time, which I need to work on using less. Always better to pull out a certain amount of cash at the ATM and then do your shopping and such.

But Sydney and I have come across a few. We’ve collected have 25 bucks from the last 2 paychecks. It definitely adds up. An alternative is saving every 1 dollar bill that you can get your hands on.


2.) Fill Old Bottles With Change.
Grab an empty milk or wattle bottle (make sure you wash them out) and fill them with every piece of change you get. Over the past several months, Sydney and I have gathered  over in inch high mound in a gallon milk jug.(A good majority of our change comes from the gas station and i’m sure there is some more in the car and Syd’s wallet.) 

3.) Save Your Toilet & Paper Towel Rolls.
I’ve started this not too long ago after hearing you can sell them on eBay. (Gather at least 25 into a cardboard box before you think of selling them)
Whenever I get the end of the toilet paper roll, I make sure all the paper’s cleaned off and toss it into a plastic bag in my closet. Same with paper towel rolls. One of the great things about working with food, we use a massive amount of paper towels every day. I take any empty rolls I can get home with me. 

4.) DIY Detergent & Cleaning Products.
Years ago, my father lost both his jobs within two months or so. Our mother found a way to make detergent on her own. She gave up on it after a while, whereas Sydney and I liked to make them here and there. Now once my bottle of store bought detergent is gone, I’m hitting the DIY boat again.

There is no need to spend loads of money on chemically filled cleaning products when you can make them yourself. Whether it be for your dishes, carpet, floors, bathroom, kitchen, all of it! It’s fun finding recipes and making your own Pine-Sol (which I love to death), and Clorox type wipes.


Stop Buying Water Bottles.

 ♠Buying cases of water bottles does takes a decent chunk out of your wallet every year. They’re also not great for the environment. Buy a reusable, washable water bottle instead. They sell them cheap at the Dollar Store and Wal-Mart. Then you can add cucumber, lemons, and other fruits to freshen your water, help digestive, and boost metabolism. 

6.) Shop at Thrift Stores.
We all need clothes and things for our households. Shopping around at Goodwill, flea markets, consignment shops, and thrift stores can save you precious pennies. Sometimes it can take time before you find something, but look hard and you can find clothes to add to wardrobe and knick-knacks for your house for a low cost.
Don’t forget to donate to these places when you no longer want or need items that are still in good condition. Don’t throw things away when others could use them.

7.) Shop with Ebates.
For a while I was convinced that Ebates was some kind of scam. Turns out, it’s not. Whenever you have online shopping to do, hop on there. Then you find the store you want to shop at and get cash back. Whether it’s 1% or 3%, it’ll add up. Why not get some free money after spending some?

8.) Coupons.
There are many different websites that you can set up an account with and find coupons to. Never be afraid or embarrassed to use 5 or 50 at any store. Don’t forget your local grocery stores have coupon books as well. Take a look at this blog as much as possible as well–lots of coupons and tips on couponing.

9.) Eat At Home. 
I imagine you’ve already spent more than enough money at the grocery store, so stay home and make your own lunches and dinners as much as possible. You can make your own awesome pasta dishes and pizzas for a third of the price and have plenty of left overs, and you know what’s going into what you’re eating. Win win.
When you do go out, make sure it isn’t more than once, maybe two times tops, a week and that it’s worth it. Bring a loved one. Have fun. Do not allow yourself to order more than one alcohol beverage, and water is always free. Take your leftovers home and make sure you eat them.

10.) eBooks & Libraries.
I absolutely love to read. Having an actual book in my hand is the best, but sometimes I turn to the Kindle app on my phone to save a few bucks on a book, especially when I’m unsure if I will like it–easier to return, right there online.
I can spend hours in the Barnes & Noble. I’m sure we can all relate. Why not roam around and read in your local library?  You can sit down and read your favorite magazine without spending any money. You can “rent” plenty of books of any kind.



Thank you for reading. Comment and let us know what you do for work and how you save money!
~Chelsea xoxo

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