5 Things To Do At The Start of Each Month.

-Hey lovelies, it’s the start of a new month and here’s a list of things you should do right now and at the start of every other month in the year!  

Make Appointments

The beginning of the month is the best time to call up your doctors, dentist, hairstylist, cleaning services, or your animal’s vet to make appointments to be seen and get everything checked out. That way there’s plenty of time to get an appointment and take time off of work. Also, when it comes the middle or toward the end of the month and see that you need to make an appointment, you end up putting off saying “eh, I’ll just do it later or next month’ and the cycle just continues. So get it all sorted out now. Even if you don’t need it, call for the next month, get it all done in advance. Make a nail or massage appointment to start the month off right. 


Finance & Budget management

Take a look at your credit card bills and any stacked up medical bills and figure out a plan to pay them off. Also set a budget for food or fun spending money. Try to set and reach a goal of saving an x amount of money for that month and get ideas for the next month. 

Clean up

At the very least, clean your coffee pots and machines, car (Don’t forget to check the engine and breaks and all your gauges, everything for your car and makes sure all is up to date and fixed and cleaned so it runs smoothly), and dresser draws out. Refold and organize everything. Donate any thing you haven’t used or don’t want anymore and free up space around the house. Change your bed sheets and wash any blankets and towels your animals lay on as well. Clean your keyboards outwith pressurized air and dust around the house. Clean those makeup brushes and clear out trash in your purses. Oh, and don’t forget to change out your razor blades, toothbrushes, and shower poufs/loofahs. 

Upload & save photos and documents

I’ve had my fair share bad luck with losing stories and notes I’ve written both on my phone and my computer and Sydney has lost many pictures on her phone. So at the very least, when the beginning of the month comes, transfer photos from on your phone onto your cloud, google photos. whatever it is you like, and keep a copy on your computer. Save documents into e-mails (I like to e-mail myself stories after every writing session so I never lose anything) and also put them on a USB. Can’t be to safe!


Books & fitness

I love finding books to stock up, or even just one, so you have something to read and get relaxed with before bed. Also trying to set some sort of fitness goal(s) are something I’m trying out this new year. I really need to work on my quads and hamstrings because they’re very, very weak and cause me to have really bad knee problems. 

Anyway, find a book to read or coloring books/pages to doodle in and try a fitness goal. It doesn’t have to be being able to run 5 miles on the treadmill everyday in the fastest time possible or losing x amount of pounds. Try squat and push-up challenges. Set a goal to walk a mile everyday or reach between 10,000-20,000 steps a day since somewhere around there is the average a person should get on a daily basis.

Of course there are many other things but these five I’ve always done and try to do within the first week of the month. 


Hugs and kisses, enjoy the month and let us know anything you like to do at the start or end of every month!! Let us know what you have planned for the month of March as well. Thanks for reading.


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