Product Review + Tutorial: Kat Von D Pastel Goth

Hey everyone, Sydney here!

Today I want to talk about the Kat Von D Pastel Goth palette. I have a review and a little pictorial of a quick and colorful look I did with the palette. I’m glad I got this palette, I like it a lot. I’ve been interested in KVD for a while but didn’t buy anything until I got the Tattoo Liner and this palette. (I almost bought the Serpentina palette, but it was gone by the time I made my decision :()


Anyways, this palette is super cute and colorful. I was really attracted to the pastel tones cause I don’t really have many pastel eye shadows and I just like pastel colors in general. The packaging is nice and sturdy, but not overly heavy or bulky. There’s a mirror inside which isn’t something that I care about either way cause I always use my own mirror. For those of you who do their makeup on the go and don’t always have a mirror in front of you, the mirror is definitely nice to have.

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Swatches + Thoughts on the Shades

Here’s some pics of the palette and box. You get 8 shades and the names are written below the pans and on the back of the palette too. The mirror is hiding behind the box in the photo- it really is there lol. I like the range of shades you get. The grey and white shades aren’t really types of colors I’d use too much though. It would’ve been nice if there were more fun colors to use instead of a white or grey which you probably already have in another palette or single. The inclusion of a transition color and a highlight shade would’ve made it so you could just use the Pastel Goth and not need to pull out another palette. Not a big deal though, it just would’ve been a bit more convenient and not anything actually wrong with the palette itself.


And here are all the shades swatched. They’re a really soft and creamy texture. All shades are really pigmented as well. I was really surprised with the white, I didn’t expect that amount of pigment, most white eye shadows seem to be patchy and not very pigmented at all. The range of shades is great, all the colors go together well– they’re all distinctly different colors and not just slight variations of the same color. The shadows are easy to apply with a brush and easy to blend as well.


Tutorial time!

First the finished look:IMG_6461.jpg

Base Products

Okay to start off I filled in my eyebrows with Benefit Gimme Brow and ABH Dipbrow. I primed my eyelids with MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre and set them with translucent powder. I used Teaser from Dirty Little Secret as a transition shade in my crease.

Step One: Lid

I applied the yellow shade Star to the inner third of my eyelid.

I forgot to take pics until I started applying the second shade

Step Two: Lid

Next up was Clementine, the orange shade, on the middle third of my lid. To blend both colors together I gently patted a bit of Star right where both colors met and a little bit more towards the center of the lid.


Step Three: Lid

Doom, the sky blue color, was the last color I applied right in the outer third of the lid. Just like the last color I went back in with Clementine right where blue and orange meet and a bit further in towards Doom in gentle patting motions. And I used a bit more of Teaser to blend the whole lid and crease out too.


Step Four: Lower Lash line

Meow, a pinky-purple shade, was smudged out on the bottom lash line. And a bit more of Teaser was used to blend out Meow.


Step Five: Highlight

Time for a bit of shine, I used theBalm Mary Lou-Manizer to highlight below the brow bone and in the inner corner.


Step Six: Lashes and Liner

Time for some liner and mascara. I used the KVD Tattoo Liner in trooper and Too faced Better than Sex Mascara.



Final Look

This is the final look, it’s really quick, easy, and colorful. If I wasn’t taking pictures every step it would probably only take me about 3 minutes for the eye shadow and another 2 or 3 for liner and mascara.

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Thanks for reading!

Let me know what your opinion of the palette is if you have it or what you think of this tutorial down in the comments.

xoxo, Syd


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