Winter Beauty Hacks!

Hey lovelies, obviously winter is here and if you live in or around Massachusetts you’ve likely gotten quite a bit of snow. I’m not a fan of it. It looks pretty at first and then you have to shovel. Yes, a good work out, but damn.

Anyway, this is the time of year where everything feels dry and rough. So here are some simple, easy hacks to follow to feel better and survive the winter!


First off, a dry and flaky scalp (kinda gross, I know) is a problem I’ve struggled with since I was young and only worsens in the winter. The best thing that helps, is using a small amount of shampoo and only shampooing every other day. Typically I do it every few days because I like to straighten my hair and keep it for a few days at a time. Bear in mind with flat irons and blow dryers all the heat can cause a dry scalp as well. Once a week you can use a little sugar with your shampoo to scrub away all the flakes.


Be wise when choosing a shampoo as well: sulfates, parabens, things with glycol at the end, diethanolamine, triethanolamine, and fragrances are harmful to both your hair, scalp and skin.
Try using this Shea Moisture like I do or these homemade recipes I’m going to try out once my bottle is empty: One and Two(w/ conditioner recipe). Coconut oil and Vitamin E (a little goes a long way with Vitamin E, to) is also a great way to moisturize and repair your hair: add a little on the ends when they split and feel dry.

Another struggle I deal with during the winter is static cling! Drives me nuts. Thankfully all you need is a dryer sheet to tame the cling. You can poke your brush bristles through a sheet or if you’re in a rush, on your way out the door, just run the sheet over your hair a few times. It’s definitely works well and in an instant.


Taking baths with oatmeal or using a calming bath bomb are great ways to refresh your skin as well as your mind. Try a homemade recipe with coconut oil and oatmeal or this Lush bomb.


Trying creams, butters, and moisturizers from tubs and containers instead of pumped bottles are better for your skin. They’re stronger and more intensive. Aloe Vera and coconut oil are also products you can use by themselves to relieve dry and irritated skin. Don’t forget to pay special attention to your lips and feet as well.

Last and certainly not least, using some kind of illuminator or highlighter will add some shine and color to your maybe dull seeming skin. Syd loves NYX Born To Glow liquid illuminator in Sunbeam and Cover FX custom enhancer drops in Celestial (this is higher end, NYX is cheaper!): either mix it in with your primer for a nice subtle glow or add directly to your cheekbones for some shine.


Tell us what winter beauty hacks you love and any kind of go to makeup products you use this time of the year! We’d love to hear about new things to try out or change up so they’ll work better. 

P.S: Stay tuned for post on boys and dealing with new, unfamiliar things, and feelings come Sunday Feb 19th!!

Xoxo, Chelsea.

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