We’re Back!

Hey lovelies, we’re back. I think. It’s funny how crazy and hectic life can be when you’re just dealing with a part-time job. Unless you can count dealing with living at home, a place you don’t want to be, as a full-time job. Then there’s the mental health issues we all tend to suffer with.

Syd and I have been traveling an extra 56 miles about 4 days a week (all together, counting to and from work) to another store to work at for help. It is nice to get more hours and help people. But let me tell you guys how horrible this new place is: It isn’t just the people we have to make and serve food to, it’s the people we work with we can’t handle. Let’s just just say swears are being thrown along with threats of fists being thrown. Not healthy or fun. It’s not “home”. We miss our regular place, the comfort and normality there.

When we aren’t working, there isn’t much to do. We’re trying to rest our minds and bodies. This winter weather is horrible, I’ve been sick just about everyday so far this year. Though I really don’t want summer. I need fall or spring, an in between where I’m not dying from cold or sweating to death.

We want to be able to go explore and breathe fresh, non frozen air. We want to live. Right now we’re barely living, just going through the motions to make some money. But to stay inspired and more active on here, I’ve put together ideas for posts and such that I’ve written down and bookmarked all together in one safe, organized file. So we’ve made a more fun, helpful and concise list and are going to try our absolute hardest to be consistent and post on perhaps Wednesdays and Sundays.

We appreciate everyone that has continued to follow despite the lack of blog posts. We promise stuff is to come. Sydney and I both have (her more than me) some fun news about boys to share, so stay tuned!

x0x0, Chelsea & Sydney.

Be sure to add Syd’s SnapChat (sydney159) and checkout our stories, they can be pretty long sometimes, but goofy.

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