Thank You, Lovely Followers

Hey lovelies, Sydney and I just wanted to say thank you for the 20+ followers. It isn’t a huge number, but it is a lots to us. We’re glad to have you, thank you so much for reading our posts and commenting.

Also, Happy friggin Halloween. Be safe, but have some fun. Comment and tell us what you’re being and what you’re doing tonight. If you can, send us pictures down below or to our email

We’d love to see you guys all dressed up and with your makeup done!!

Thank you again. We don’t know you yet and vice versa, but we love you and we’re excited for that to change in the near future!

Xoxo, Chelsea and Sydney

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  1. llindaxxo says:

    Happy Halloween!!!


    1. Thank you. Are you dressing up?

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      1. llindaxxo says:

        I just wore all black but I did cheetah/jaguar makeup! 🙂


      2. ooh sounds very prettty!

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      3. llindaxxo says:

        I’ll be posting the look with details tomorrow! Did y’all dress up?

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      4. And nah, Syd and I just kinda dressed in halloween colors and took a train to boston to walk around and then we watched movies at home after. usually we do a bit and take my friends nieces and nephews out. This year was different.

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      5. llindaxxo says:

        Well that sounds just as good!


      6. yeah, it was something different. and still fun. We love going into boston

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  2. Your pictures made my day to day. Great post!

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