5 Important Bra Hacks

Hey lovelies, here’s are five bra hacks and tips to follow!


Sydney and I are on total ends of the spectrum–her on the fairly larger side and me on the itty bitty titty committee. But, to keep our bras from becoming ruined while helping our boobs look good, we need to put on and take care of them the same way.


Getting fitted is the foremost important thing. I wore the wrong size bras for years. I would just go to Target and buy cheap bras to save myself money. Doing that, has to be one of the stupid things, ever. In the end I wasted money because they’d just fall apart and look like crap.


There is no waste in getting yourself fitted and buying a bra that isn’t off the cheap rack in the store. You wear them everyday, for hours on end. Your breasts need the right amount of support. Keep in mind a shitty bra will not only diminish the chances of your chest from looking boobalicious, but could hurt your shoulders and back from the lack of proper support.

Also, do not wear your bra two days in a row no matter how much you love it and want to. Give the bra 24 hours (at least) to rest so the material and elastic won’t lose it’s strength too fast. 

There is a right way to put your bras on, ladies. I always thought it was weird when my best friend clipped her bra in the front and then twisted it around. Turns out, that’s the best way to do it. Then you should bend over and pull your boobs into the cups. Trust me, whether you’re big, small or somewhere in the middle, this is important in helping your chest look better and more symmetrical. And for me, they help them look bigger and that’s a win for sure.

Keep in mind, that no matter your size, you are beautiful. And, are you no way less of a woman if you’re small chested.

laundry-1368552.jpg             clothes-pins-984176.jpg

Your bras and all your delicates have a certain way they need to be washed. You shouldn’t be shoving them in your washer with all your other dirty clothes. But, if you are going to toss them in your washer, put them with like colors in a zipped or draw string mesh bag. Careful of what detergent you use, the less alcohol and chemicals the better. You can buy or make your own delicate wash as well. 

Washing them by hand in your kitchen or bathroom sink with warm water and a bit of detergent is the best way to go. Make sure you hang them up to air dry no matter how you wash them.

Don’t store your bras without care. Ladies, you are asking  for your bra to fall apart when you fold them and lazily shove them in your draw with your other clothes. You should buy separators or find a way to make room for them in your draw where they can lay without being fold in half. Bras are not something you want to be skimpy and cheap on.


A broken wire or ruined padding doesn’t mean bye bye. Bras will eventually wear our no matter how precious you are to them, but a poked out wire our or the bending pads don’t mean the bra is ruined forever and has to be thrown out. A bit of moleskin padding can easily repair a lose wire and keep it from stabbing you in the chest. When it comes to the padding in the cups, take a small pair of scissors and make a small sit on the inner side along the seams of that ruined cup, then re-position it with your fingers. Then sew the slit and you’re all set.

In a pinch when the top part of my bra folds out, I secure it down with a bobby pin.

                                                                             ♥  ♥        ♥  

Okay, ladies, please take care of your precious boobs. It’s important you wear the right bra so you are comfortable and look great.

Not every material will feel and look the same, or go with every outfit. Not every bra you like is for you either, sorry. Never sacrifice pain or anything like that to save a few bucks.

And, most importantly, if you only want to wear sports bras or double cup bras, then do it. Just make sure it’s your size and you feel comfortable and confident. That is what matters. Be and stay comfy, beautiful, strong, and happy ❤
~Chelsea xoxo


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  1. Great tips! I especially like the one about the underwire breaking… I hate when that happens, especially if it’s a favorite bra of mine. This post was really helpful! Thanks for sharing. 😊

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