30 Things to Do on A No-Spend Weekend!

Hey lovelies, here’s a wonderful list of things you can do without spending a dime! 


1: Go Outside!
You can take a walk or hike which Sydney and I always do. Take a bike ride or play a sport. Camp out in your backyard. And if you can, make a fire and s’mores.

2: Declutter & Clean! Take some time to do your laundry and get rid of any crap you Have around the house you don’t use or want anymore. Sell anything that isn’t broken and worn online or have a yard sale and make an extra few bucks!

3: Exercise! Bet you saw that idea coming. (: But really, your mind and body can benefit from breaking a sweat and it won’t cost you anything.

4: Games! Play your favorite board or video games with a friend or family, even yourself if you can and want to.

5: Read or Write! Have a favorite book or a new one you haven’t gotten around to reading? Well here’s the time. You can also try writing a short story or start a novel. I mean, why not?

6: Get Creative! If you aren’t one for writing, try painting or drawing. Make some crafts. Just remember you aren’t allowed to buy any supplies. Only use what you have.

7: Bake! Make some brownies or cupcakes and satisfy that sweet tooth and use up the food in your kitchen before it goes bad

If you aren’t one for baking (Sydney’s the baker here, not me) try cooking something traditional and authentic. Got a crackpot or rice maker? Break those bad boys out and put them to use.

8: Makeup! I’m sure there are plenty of eye shadows and things you aren’t using. Open them try some new looks. With Halloween around the corner, see if you can create something spooky. You can make a video of it and upload on Social Media, especially YouTube. Sydney just made her own channel and she will be posting makeup tutorials every week!

9: Home Spa Day! We all need to rest, relax, and pamper ourselves. But you don’t need to leave the house and spend money to do so. Deep condition your hair, put on a face mask, paint your nails, and soak your feet. Don’t forget to have a bubble bath too.

10: Photography! Ask your friends or family to be your little models and take some portraits. Give self-portraits a shot too. Take the camera or your phone outside and snap pics of nature. Have fun with it. Take pictures of what you like, learn how to edit, and then post them on all your social media accounts. (Don’t forget that you can take as many selfies as you want and post them anywhere and everywhere. Don’t let anyone give you any sh*t for it.)

11: Go to the Library! Go to your local library and chill out. Catch up on you reading and surf the web, all for free in a nice, quiet environment.

12: Learn a Language! Sydney is teaching herself Japanese and I’m working on basic American Sign language. Give those or any other language you’re interest in a shot. Nothing better than expanding your knowledge for free.

13: Maintenance! Check your car and your house and make a list of anything that needs to be repaired or further checked on. This should be done at least once a month, guys.  Make sure all is well. Don’t let yourself be sorry later.

14: Movie Day! Pop in your favorite movies or any you haven’t gotten around to watching with a bowl of your favorite snack and enjoy.

15: Volunteer! Nothing beats helping others in need, so do it. Don’t forget, Karma will be good do you if you’re good to the planet and the people on it.

16: Netflix & Hulu! If you don’t have either, you can start free trials and binge-watch some TV shows. You use these to have the perfect movie day as well.

17: Blanket Forts! You are never too young or too old to build a blanket fort to veg out in!

18: Social Media Catch Up! Get on your computer and checkout your favorite blogs and watch YouTube videos. And while you’re at it, message your favorite people and clear your e-mail out as well!

19:Write a Letter! Nothing says I love you like a cute handwritten letter to a friend or family member. Take the time to write down how you feel about them and then give it to them.

20: Rearrange a Room! We all need a change so move around the furniture in your bed room or any other room in your house. Feng Shui a room.

21: Finances! Take some time to look over all your finances and create a list of changes you can make to get out of debt faster and save money. Make sure you cut anything out you don’t need. If Netflix and daily coffee orders are two of those things then so be it. Be smart and sometimes you have to sacrifice a little to save a lot.

22: Have a Sleepover! You are never too old, guy or girl, to have a sleepover with your friends. Break out those sleeping bags, get in your jammies, tell some scary stories, pamper each other, and binge out on junk food.

23: Free Events! Sydney and I don’t live in the city (not yet) but that doesn’t mean you can’t find some local events and places you can hit for free–concerts or movie showings in parks. Find a place that does poetry slam or karaoke and open Mic night. Enjoy the entertainment and get on stage if you can!

Bring your ID, water, and a few bucks, nothing else. Be careful not to spend the few dollars unless you have to. Just bring it in case something happens. Always wise to have anywhere from 5-20 dollars on you whenever you leave the house. Stash the money in your bra, shoe, or in the coin pocket of your jeans, anywhere but your purse or wallet or something that can be stolen or accidentally left behind somewhere.

24: Pick Up A New Hobby! There are plenty of things i’m sure you’ve thought about doing and would love to excel at so do it already. Learn to juggle or knit. Learn a card trick or give origami a try. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube for all these things and more!

25: Free Classes! If you can’t find a open mic night or already went and want something else to do for free, look for a free class that your local Y or library is throwing. There are also plenty of online classes you can sign up for without spending money too.

26: Connect! Haven’t seen or talk to a loved one in awhile? Get them on the phone or Skype. Or make a surprise visit.

27: Iron Chef! Get together with friends and family and get to cooking. No buying anything! Use whatever is in the kitchen and have a cook off or see what freaky everything but the kitchen sink dish you guys can make.

28: Potluck! Try having a potluck as well. Pick a house and everyone can bring a dish. Hang out, eat some good food and drinks and not open your wallet.

29: Scavenger Hunt! Yet another thing you can’t be too old for. There are idea lists online or  you can create your own. Have fun with it and make sure to be safe.

30: Love! Have any pets or kids or siblings? Go give them some love and attention and don’t be quick and cheap with it. Don’t forget to love yourself as well. Make sure you take a nap, have plenty of water, and give yourself a few compliments as well. 

Comment with things that can add to the list and let us no what fun things you’ve done lately (for free or not).
Also, be sure to check out our Pinterest. Comment down below with your Pinterest so I can follow!

~Chelsea xoxo


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  1. Really great ideas! It’s nice to have those days where you don’t have to spend any money and can look at other alternatives to keep yourself occupied. You listed a lot of ideas that I’m gonna keep in mind! 💕💜

    Liked by 1 person

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