Our No Spend Adventure Day.

Hey lovelies, Sydney and I have been home a lot due to lack of hours at work. And of course we have the time to have fun, just not the money for it. So today we decided to have fun without spending a dollar in the process.

We woke up, did a quick thirty minute workout with legs and some arms. Made a great protein and fiber filled breakfast and headed up to the street from our house where a huge, cool woods sits behind a elementary school baseball field with our cameras.We are nature lovers. We can’t get enough of taking hikes and walks in the woods, exploring. Geez do we hate bugs, but can’t get enough of getting tangled in the beautiful woods. 

We first went to this one spot in the woods, close to the top of a hill where a camp is set up. It’s been there for years and every time we go there, something new has been added to the place. Either it’s someones permanent home and we’ve been lucky enough to not see them, or it’s a place for teens to hang out and drink and all that. Either way, it’s pretty creepy.


We pushed through thick branches, the sun shining on our backs, and moved deeper into the woods. We were giggling and sweating, snapping pictures here and there. There is nothing better than being in nature with someone you love. It’s definitely a perfect escape for Syd and I. We have the freedom to voice whatever the hell we want and not have to worry about family eavesdropping and pitching in their unwanted two cents. 

We came across a perfectly cleaned deer skull. Syd almost stepped on it too! I’m pretty sure four out of five times when we go to the woods, we find animal skeletons.
it. It’s sad but very fascinating. We moved it off to the side by a tree and hope that nothing will further ruin the precious skull.

imgp0844            imgp0849

After carefully checking it out (always have hand sanitizer or alcohol wipes with you when you go for a walk or hike) we took some pictures carried on. Our most desired destination–a cool industrialized zone that’s been abandoned–was over taken by workers 😦  We went there before and oh my god, it was so damn cool. There were worker boots scattered around, paint cans, caution tape, some tools. A lot of good finds.

But, we kept our smiles on and moved to another area, getting trapped in thorny branches. I almost sunk into an almost two foot long ditch and some poison ivy tried to give Syd a rub down.


The sun stayed on us, offering just enough heat to break a sweat on our brows and shed enough lighting for better pictures. And that’s when you realize that you don’t have to spend money to have a good, fun day. You don’t have to make money to feel richer. It’s those little things, really. We had each other, a quiet woods with all kinds of random and cool crap littered around, our cameras, and no other worries. We didn’t have to stress about work, a bill to pay, parents to please, or other people invading our space.


Nature was all we had to care for. And it took care of us in return. Sure a few thorn made us a bleed but it gave us perfect places to pose for goofy pictures. We had a beautiful scenery and it was doing nothing but pleasing us. For friggin’ free. We had a vent session and laughed. It was a great couple of hours. It was bliss. We’ll remember it for some time. Plus, we have some really good photos too.

So remember, you can spend the money you worked hard for. Absolutely. But even if you have the money to burn, go for a no spend day. Go take a hike or sit down and have a movie day with friends. If you stay tuned, I’ll have a post up with a list of things you can do for a no spend weekend.  I guarantee you’ll want to do them!

Comment and let us know what you did on your last no spend day!


This is us after we got home and showered. Aren’t we just the prettiest girls ever?! (Don’t answer that ;p)

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  1. Your post made me laugh. Great post

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