8 Ways to Banish a Bad Mood!

Let’s face it, we all have bad days, bad moods. Sometimes the blues hit you and you can’t figure out how to chase them away. Dealing with Depression has me in a bad, irritable mood quite often. So keep in mind that if you’re worried it’s more than just a bad day or week, something fleeting, consult a doctor or someone you trust. There is a chance that it is depression so keep track of how you’re feeling and when. Sydney and I are always here to talk as well–shoot us an e-mail!

First off, along with making sure you aren’t dealing with something more serious like Depression, identify what’s bugging you and why. Think of what’s happened to you in the past few days or further back until you find the most upsetting, hurtful thing. If it’s more than one thing, that’s okay. Identify it and work on finding the positive in it. I know it’s cliche, but there is often silver linings in things if you look hard enough.

Okay, here are eight things to chase a bad mood away:

1.) Exercise. As you guys are most likely noticing, I’m big on keeping my body moving. Even if it’s for just a half hour out of the day. It helps your mind as well as your body. Hello, endorphin release! Plus, as you strengthen the muscles in your body, your brain will follow along.

     ♥ See how many jumping jacks you can do in thirty seconds. Then try another thirty.

     ♥ Hit the treadmill. Run for ten minutes. Or turn up that incline and walk for ten. Just get moving. Make sure to sweat!

2.) Sun. We all need our vitamin D. It helps boost your immune system, helps cure

Depression, and potentially lower your blood pressure.

~Keep in mind, the sun can be harmful. It isn’t recommended to stay in the sun for more than 10-15 minutes, especially in summer, without some kind of sun screen or protective clothing. Be smart and keep yourself in the sun in short, moderate times.

     Sydney has Vitamin D deficiency. Take a look at the symptoms from time to time and talk to your doctor if you think you could have it too.

3.) Get Creative. Throwing yourself into an art or writing projects help alleviate stress. It helps turn off some of those roaring thoughts that keep you from having a good day. A form of art therapy you can do right at home. Mediation with the use of your hands and the creative side of you mind.

     ♥Try coloring. Adult coloring books/pages are very popular right now, as they should be.

     ♥Give drawing and sketching a shot.

     DIY crafts projects are great too. (I have an addiction to looking up DIY projects on Pinterest. Sydney and I will be working on some of our own for fun and possibly to sell.)

4.) Music & Dance. Music is proven to reduce pain (mental and even physical). Dancing is another form of exercise that’ll tackle stress.

    ♥So, strip down to your undies (I hear it’s quite freeing) and dance in your room with your favorite songs playing. Or gather your friends together and find a club or a dance class to let loose at.

5.) Hot Bubble Baths. Whether your bad mood has formed because of mental or physical pain or a mixture of both, taking a hot bath will help massive amounts.

     ♥There are many aromatherapy bubble bath products at Bath and Body Work, Target, as well as Amazon.
     ♥Draw that hot water and toss in a
Lush or DIY bath bomb. Maybe two. I mean, why not. Sydney and I have made our own. Super easy and cheaper.

     ♥Don’t forget about candles and music too. Put on a face mask as well.

6.) Laugh. Find some funny movies on YouTube or Netflix and laugh your cute little butts off.

7.) Friends & family. Give someone you a love a call and try to hang out. Have a vent session while you do each other’s nails–a spa day. Take a hike or watch a movie with them.

8.) Guilty Pleasures. We all have them. Indulge in them!

     ♥Eat those chocolate chip cookies and ice cream while you watch that stupid Reality TV show everyone makes fun of you for liking.

     ♥Go to the salon for your hair and/or nails.

     ♥Take a hundred selfies on your phone–those SnapChat filters can be hilarious.

     ♥Turn on a emotional movie. Cry and devour popcorn.

     ♥Retail therapy. Careful to spend wisely!

Just try to have some damn fun! Open up your mind. Get to know yourself better. Sometimes a therapy session with a friend can do more wonders than a spa day at home.You guys are beautiful inside and out. Don’t let a bad mood or day keep you down for long!

Thanks for reading. Comment below and tell us what you do when you’re in a bad mood and don’t forget our e-mail is always open if you need to talk. (:


img_4683     HUGS AND KISSES!

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  1. Liz says:

    I love these self-care tips, they’re my go to pick me up activities.

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