Middle Grounds: Find Yours!

Four things I’m desperate to do: Earn money, burn calories, move out, be better.

Sydney and I weren’t put on the schedule at work for a week and a half—Definitely the last thing we wanted. But, we tried to stay as positive as possible. We made a few lists of things to get done. The first 3-4 days went pretty well: we worked out,cleaned, crossed out some random, little things on our to-do lists, and relaxed. Then came my bad cold and that oh-crap-we’re-so-broke-and-it’s-only-getting-worse soul crushing thoughts.

Daydreaming and wishing is easy. But there comes a time when you have to abandon some of those desires and go after the others. Baby steps. With small feet like mine, it’s literally easy to do.

If you’re sick, give yourself that needed rest day. Or do some small, light in bed workouts and in bed yoga poses. Then have some hot tea and turn on Netflix. (I’m watching Gossip Girl as I write). 

And, instead of wishing you were at work making a paycheck, make a list of possible things you have around your house to sell and donate. Get yourself a few bucks for a coffee or start growing that savings fund and also help others in need. You can understand that, right?

Most of the time that ‘go big or home/ don’t do it at all‘ saying really irritates me. It’s unwise. I’m not going to let myself and others limit me to one or the other when there are many middle grounds, colored in grays.

Thanks for reading!                                                        fb64b89f6f76a14e53cd614783677a21
Tell us what you’re watching on Netflix right now!!

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