An Introduction: Meet Us

Hi, Chelsea and Sydney here! This is our first post on our first blog!

The two of us are stuck in that early twenties age bracket: we’re adults but holy crap are we still kids. We get treated as both, often at the same time. It induces whiplash, not easy to deal with at all. Then again, no one ever said life is and will be easy. We all need to be challenged, right?

We have the same job with roughly equal hours, same days and shift times. Sadly, it’s a part time job with no benefits and an inconsistent schedule, leaving us stuck at home with our parents, older sister, and very little money. Sure, any money is better than none and there are some perks to still living at home. There are twice as many downfalls though, more cons than pros. Home—it might not be a fairly accurate word now that we think about it.

So with this blog, us two sisters are going to track our journey to save money to move out and find independence and a home we can be comfortable in, along with getting our minds and bodies into a healthier shape. We’ll share exercise routines we come up with ourselves or find online and recipes as well.

We’ll document budgeting plans we try out for small paychecks and keep you in the loop on how our moving-out savings account is doing. Mind crossing your fingers for us? Do it for yourself too. Who doesn’t want and need more money in the bank?

Sydney will offer makeup tips and write product reviews. I’ll discuss tip for dealing with depression and anxiety, along with paying off school loans without wanting to cry—I think I can do that.

That’s only the half of it! We have tons we want to do and share. is going to be a way to help us and anyone reading go after your dreams, be goofy, more successful, and quiet any monsters roaring inside your head.

We can guarantee it’ll be tough, but it’ll pay off (literally) in the end. Bear with us and tag along with us on our journey! Thanks for reading and we have all our contact information up so tell us what you think of this post and something about yourself!

Hugs, Chelsea and Sydney


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